Posted by: sharethewhine | February 4, 2010

Home Again


It has been an interesting couple of days, culminating tonight in a long drive home from the West Coast. The good news is there are still just as many rabbits now as there were two hours ago, thanks to my hyper-caffeinated reflexes. I was driving along the “home stretch” of highway, thinking I am the only soul on the road, when Fiver dashes out in front of my car. I managed to swerve around the little guy, and he hopped to the other side of the road. All I was able to register was the fact that this little beige bunny was only a baby! I don’t know if Thumper realized how close he came to certain death tonight, but I for one am very thankful I did not end up with a rabbit road pancake!!

With all of the fuss about the lack of snow on Cypress Mountain for the 2010 Winter Olympics, I found it ironic to drive through a blazing snowstorm in Manning Park. It was the type of night-time snow fall that renders one’s high beams useless, so at times my drive through the Ho-Princeton was a tad more exciting than I would have liked. Corners tend to sneak up on you when you can’t see more than five feet ahead. “Wheeeee–WHOA–ee!” Thank heavens for my iPod; I believe it kept me sane this trip. I was able to pass the time blissfully singing away to Britney, Glambert, ABBA and, of course, Enrique. During a particularly lusty rendition of “Xanadu”, however, I did let out a squawk that was reminiscent of a cat being stepped on — which is why I don’t like to sing in front of other people. The Bee Gees won’t be asking me to join them any time soon, either…I think I hurt myself during “Stayin’ Alive”….

As for the exam that was the reason for my trip West…well, it could have gone better. Trouble started when I showed up at my scheduled exam time, only to find that they gave me the wrong test. They handed me the test I plan to write in March. No problem, the adjudicator goes to fetch the correct exam out of the reserve file…..oh, wait, someone neglected to re-stock the reserve file, so there is no correct copy. A phone call was immediately placed to the woman in charge of such matters, only to find that she had taken the day off. Fan. Tas. Tic. There was also a lady from Washington in the same boat as me, so there were two of us disappointed and irate students being turned away. The adjudicator did try to help by suggesting that we write the exam on Saturday, but I had to point out that I drove a very long way and could not stay the rest of the week as I am starting a new part time job on Thursday. SO, now it is Wednesday morning. I try in vain to contact the woman responsible for this snafu by phone. As the morning wanes and my chances of writing the exam on this trip get slimmer, I get more and more irate. Gleaning inspiration from my brother-in-law and at my sister’s suggestion, I then wrote a pointed email to this woman. Looking back, I view that particular piece as some of my best written work. Aha! Now she calls back! To her credit, she was very apologetic and she did arrange for me to write the exam, albeit a day late. Unfortunately for me, I did not have a chance to do any additional review and while I was writing my exam, I noticed that a good chunk of the course content had leaked out of my brain overnight. There was entire diagram to be labelled that I considered leaving blank! I did manage to spew enough bullsh*t onto the various pages that while I may not pass this exam, I am now qualified to run for political office.

Vote for me!



  1. Vote!

  2. you crack me up!!!!

    very enjoyable…..

    su 🙂

  3. I would vote for you!! What an exciting but frustrating trip!

  4. I would definitely vote for you.
    Your humorous descriptions are really entertaining!
    Love reading your stories.

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