Posted by: sharethewhine | January 23, 2010

Resolutions and Other Delusions

I think my scale is broken.

I have been watching what I eat for what seems like forever. Granted, I took December “off” for my Florida vacation and Christmas, but aside from that, I have been diligent about my diet since mid-October. For someone like me, who has had the good fortune to not have to think about food under normal circumstances, this has been quite a feat. Despite my surveillance, my weight did not budge, so my New Year Resolution this year was to temporarily eliminate alcohol (ie – large amounts of empty calories) from my diet. My golden halo firmly in place, I have been a tee-totaler. Awash in pride at my self-control, I stepped on the scale after two and a half weeks and expected a great reward for my self-sacrifice.

I gained two pounds. WTF??!!?

Defeated, I did have half a glass of wine  – an Argentinian Malbec. I can’t even comment on its taste or quality with any degree of impartiality because just having wine in my glass was so damn good. I even had another half glass a couple of days later (I can’t let the wine “spoil”), but the taste wasn’t as satisfying, mostly because I started to feel guilty for cheating on my resolution and partially because I really don’t like Malbec……especially with turkey (there is a reason those two items should not be paired. Bleah!).

So, I have gotten desperate and pissed off. I upgraded my Wii Fit to a Wii Fit Plus (Rhythm Kung Fu is my favourite, it is too funny, especially since all of your family and friends are joining you for the exercise) and I have been faithful to it for a week. Since the Wii Fit doesn’t make you break much of a sweat, I have also re-started the 30-day challenge on the Wii “Active” game. Finally, I also bought a three-pack of dance-related exercise videos. Yes, I admit, the videos are based on “Dancing with the Stars” and “Dirty Dancing”……

Stop laughing!

The good news is that all of the effort put together (diet, abstinence from alcohol and dancing around the living room like a fool) has FINALLY made me lose weight!!!! Two whole pounds. Which means that I am back at 153 pounds, where I started three months ago.

Son of a bitch.

Well, I will continue this experiment and see if I can break the 150 pound barrier in about a week or so. Wish me luck and to all of you also struggling with your resolutions, hang in there! After all, misery loves company and I don’t want to be the only one suffering!!



  1. Don’t feel bad… the pound and a half I had lost went and found friends and then came back….I am gaining weight too… It is hard but don’t let it get you down. I had 2 glasses of wine tonight…sigh..this is soo hard.

    • Don’t feel bad about the wine–one of those glasses was for me! Thank you!!

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