Posted by: sharethewhine | November 29, 2009

Sunday Before Departure

Tasha sniffing the dog

Signs that Tasha is feeling better from her infected paw:

1. She is running up and down the hallway at Mach 3, chasing toys

2. She started a fight with Tigger, her brother

3. She is sharing my bed with me again

4. She is stalking my brother’s dog

I know Tasha is back to her old self when I have to re-establish the “Don’t torture the dog” rule. Tasha is curious about the dog and so she follows the dog around. My brother’s poor old dog is basically blind, so feline curiousity leads to a bit of psychological torture. Tasha also steadfastly refuses to move out of anyone’s way (Princesses don’t move for peons) and will sit in the middle of a passageway. I have seen the poor dog go the long way around the whole kitchen because Tasha has blocked the closer exit. This type of interaction between the pets led to some unintentional comedy the other day. Tasha was in the middle of the hallway, when the poor blind dog starts trotting down the hall to the kitchen. Of course, the dog can’t see Tasha and Tasha won’t move, so the dog ran full tilt into Tasha. The startled “What the hell?” expression on Tasha’s face was priceless as the dog rebounded off of her and then cautiously went around.

Weight: 16– Tigger! Get off of the scale!– 151 lbs.

Well, I am temporarily giving up on losing weight and dating. I am off to Florida and Walt Disney World for the next 2 weeks, with the trip ending in a visit to see everyone in Calgary. Going alone to the mecca of Family Bliss as a single 30-something should prove interesting. Half of the people I know think I am crazy to go alone while the other half think I am brave. In truth I am just impatient–I do not wish to wait until I have a “Plus 1” to go to Walt Disney World. For one thing, the attraction “Muppets 3-D” is the ultimate draw for me and if the powers-that-be at Disney decide to axe the attraction before I can see it, I will be PO’d forever. The second reason is, what if my future “Plus 1” does not care for Disney theme parks? And finally, there is the possibility that my “prince” will NOT come. This Snow White is certainly not going to sit on her duff waiting. Instead of eating poisoned apples and napping, I have planned an action-packed holiday, including meals at the highest-rated restaurants at Disney World. To plan my evening meals, I found as many “Best of” lists that I could find and spread each restaurant out over the course of the 10 days I am in Florida. Tuesday night starts with the ultimate restaurant, Victoria and Albert’s, which was rated as the “Most Romantic” as well as “Best Restaurant”. Each lady gets a rose and each guest gets a personalized  multi-course menu. Of course, I am also opting for wine-paring, so it should be a fantastic meal. I will be posting entries when I can, especially anecdotes about being alone at a romantic restaurant, and among “happy” families at the “Happiest Place on Earth”. I am so excited, I am practically vibrating!!

Back to packing!



  1. sounds like an awesome get-a-way….i will look forward to your posts!

    cheers and bon voyage!

    su 🙂

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