Posted by: sharethewhine | November 24, 2009

Fitness is for Freaks

All right, last evening I tried out some of this “exercise” all of you fit types keep raving about, and so far, I am not impressed. Like all women who have a mild interest in video games, I own a Wii. Of course, that means I also went out and bought not only the Wii Fit , but also the “Active” personal trainer “game”. It turns out, merely owning these items is not effective, you must actually get up off your ass and follow along with the activities. Risking ridicule and feline curiousity, I plugged in the “Active” game and gave it a go. First of all, calling this thing a “game” is false advertising. You can put my likeness (my “Mii”, if you will) in an animated park all you like, this still isn’t going to make this process fun.

The overly smiley lady on the screen (further proof, in my opinion, that too much exercise causes derangement) assured me midway through my 20 minute torment session (aka, the “easy” level) that…and I quote…”your body will thank you for this”. Wrong!! My legs greeted me this morning with profanity as soon as I tried to get out of bed. I suspect it will be some time before I receive any “thanks” from my hindquarters. I have started this new phase in my weight loss regime because my weight is stubbornly refusing to decrease, despite my reducing sugar, portion size and alcohol. Yes, I have had the odd relapse, but overall I have been pretty good. I am starting to hate those people who say things like “I lost 30 lbs just from cutting soda pop out of my diet”. I haven’t had soda pop in years, WTF? If that worked for me, I wouldn’t be bouncing around the living room like an idiot. I am changing my virtual trainer into a male today, so hopefully I will at least have someone lovely to look at while I bitch and sweat.

Weight: 151 lbs, but I also weighed myself  2 hours earlier than usual, so I am not getting excited. I am, however, trying to convince myself that it IS actual weight loss, thanks to yesterday’s activity. This is the sort of self-delusion I need to repeat that exercise routine again today. Yikes, this is going to hurt!


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