Posted by: sharethewhine | November 22, 2009

Fad Diet Day ??

I am starting to have some sympathy for people trying to quit smoking. If it is this hard for me to “quit” sugar, I can only imagne the hell they must go through to butt out. Sadly, the only patch that aids sugar addiction is duct tape over the mouth.

After a few days of dietary debauchery, I am back home and ready to climb back on the wagon. Yesterday, I was doing well until last night. I was in Kelowna for a coffee date (more on that in my next post) and decided at 5 pm to take myself out to Milestones restaurant, so that my answer to the question “What did you do Saturday night?” wouldn’t be “I went to Wal-Mart”. Naturally, I had a glass of wine with dinner (Inniskillin Cabernet-Sauvignon….mmm…) and then after my meal I had a “Give me dessert or give me death” moment. The official excuse was that I was allowing extra time for the alcohol to leave my bloodstream, but really, who is kidding who??

Weight this morning (checked twice, the second time sans clothes): 153 lbs….AGAIN!! I am starting to believe that these acai berry supplements are either placebo powder in a pill, or the effects of the berries are exaggerated. Their claim to work even without changing your diet appears to be false. Either that, or my sugar binge was worse than I thought. I am going to continue until the end of the one month trial, because I want to give it a fair chance. It does not appear, however, that I will be matching the claims of  “lose 25 pounds in a month”. Disappointed? Yes. Surprised? Not even a little.

I am sitting here sipping acai berry tea (sugarless…sigh). I feel I must comment on the taste, because I find it funny (in both senses of the word). The initial flavour is fruity (obviously), but the undertone was initially hard to place. Health food store!! That smell that all health food stores have when you walk in…THAT is the flavour! How bizarre!


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