Posted by: sharethewhine | November 15, 2009

Fad Diet Day 4

Drum roll, please….

Weight: 152 lbs. Woo!! The experts say that losing 1-2 pounds per week is the healthy way to lose weight, so it is nice to know I am being “healthy”. Still, a little voice inside me is saying “I gave up sugar for THIS??”

I dreamt about donuts and chocolate-drizzled strawberry tarts last night. Is that a bad sign?

One interesting side effect to drinking sugarless coffee: I am drinking less coffee now, too. Now that my morning cup of coffee is more medicinal than enjoyable, I tend to drink only half and toss the rest as soon as it gets cold, instead of reheating. I made less coffee this morning to compensate, but dumped a bunch of milk in it, so the volume of liquid is about the same. Bleah!!

Today I did a bit of a backslide into the world of sugar again. My afternoon snack of an apple MAY have been dipped in a bit of caramel, BUT I didn’t finish the little tub of caramel like I usually would, so that is something.



  1. way to go girlfriend!
    i too am on a ‘diet’ tho i am not so brave to post all the gory details on the web for everyone to see!

    between you and me, i would kill to weigh ONLY 153…if i recall you and i are about the same height and i outweigh you by at least 15 solid lbs.

    i am doing a crazy thing called game on! it is kind of a combo of diet and game show! if you get bored of your physics, (or just want to poke your own eyes out like i did when studying T1 T2 and gradient pulse sequences), then check it out.

    if you need help with any of the physics send me an email and i will see if there is anything left in the old memory banks that i didnt immediately purge on 19jun2009-the day i found out i passed the national exam!!!!!!ha ha ha

    may the force be with you

    su 🙂

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