Posted by: sharethewhine | November 14, 2009

Fad Diet Day 3

OK, I may have cheated a little….

Who had money on day 3? Please collect your profits now!

It actually wasn’t THAT bad a cheat. This morning was the first day that I tried to drink my coffee with NO sugar in it. Now, those of you who remember my “large-triple-triple” days will confirm that this is a huge step for me!! Today, the step merely backfired. Several disgusting sips into the morning beverage (day 1 with milk instead of cream, too), my taste buds rebelled and I ended up pairing my coffee with a small chocolate Halloween leftover. My Dad, who has himself given up sugar for health reasons, assures me that I will get used to the taste of sugarless coffee. Granted, but the acclimatization process is proving painful!!

I will try again tomorrow, I promise.

I also vow to do better with that whole “exercise” thing. I have a Wii, so I may break it out and risk ridicule by bopping around the living room to the “Activate” game. I purchased the game and motion detector strap thingy a couple of months ago and have been too chicken to try it. Tomorrow! I will post my experience for proof.


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