Posted by: sharethewhine | November 13, 2009

Adios Anatomy, Phase 1!

Words cannot express how happy I am that my two anatomy  courses are done and I do not have to study for those exams any more!! Granted, I face two more courses in January, but I am savouring the respite! I have taken many an anatomy course in the past, but these sectional anatomy courses are very much 3-D oriented and therefore very different. I was excessively confident when I started in September, but soon I was to be humbled. By the time I had written the six exams in four weeks, I was mentally exhausted and finding motivation to excel lacking.

An example:

In a transverse sectional image showing the esophageal hiatus the:

a.   aorta will be seen immediately anterior to it

b.   inferior vena cava will lie posterior to the diaphragm

c.   aorta will also be seen anterior to the diaphragm

d.   gastroesophageal junction may be seen to the right of the midline

e.   aorta will normally be seen posterior and medial to the esophagus


Here is my version of the same question:

In a transverse sectional image showing the esophageal hiatus the:

a.   I don’t know

b.   I don’t care

c.   May I interest you in the FUNCTION of the esophagus, instead?

d.   I need a drink

e.   All of the above

(The answer to both questions, by the way, is e.)

I do have some parting words that I would like to share, especially in regards to my final anatomy final. First of all, I would like to thank the letters ‘a’ and ‘e’, without whom 90% of my last exam would have been blank. I would also like to thank Mr. Akon for singing a selection of his “Greatest Hits” in my head during my exam, with special focus on his newest hit “Sexy Chick” (with David Guetta). Finally, I would like to thank two Vancouver area radio stations for playing “Sexy Chick” not just once, but TWICE on my drive home from said exam.

Back to physics!


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