Posted by: sharethewhine | October 30, 2009

My Cats

Cat Personalities 101:

Recently, I was questioned by a dog person whether cats really have emotions and did my two cats actually care that I was home after a week away. I submit the following evidence:

Tigger is my sissy momma’s boy and I wouldn’t have it any other way. If Tig were a human child, he would be hiding under the bleachers from the bullies that give him daily wedgies. I know he misses me when I’m gone, because Dad says as soon as I leave the house (even if it is only for 5 minutes), Tig will sit at the window and cry. I have even seen this for myself when I have taken Tasha for a walk on her leash (stop laughing)–I can hear Tig crying all the way outside (Tig doesn’t do “alone”). When I do come home, I am usually greeted with a “rowr”, purring and demands for petting. If I sit down, Tig is on my lap. In fact, he usually climbs up my chest and puts his paws around my neck and rubs his face on mine, purring madly. In the morning, he will follow be into the bathroom, jump up on the counter and “ask” to be picked up by again putting his paws around my neck and lifting up his hind legs. If I try to leave he will cling on, so that I am walking around like I am trying to burp a baby. Tigger also snuggles at night to the point that if I roll over, he hops or climbs over me to snuggle up to my chest again (aka “his spot”).

OK, Tasha is your typical cat. If she were a human child, she would be a 14-year-old girl, because most of the time, you would swear she only has two moods: indifference and bitchy. I swear at times I think the only reason she tolerates my existence is because I have the ability to open the door and the ability to open a can of cat food. When I arrived home today, she greeted me with “Oh. It’s you.” and sashayed off after a token hand sniff. Tasha does, however, love Tigger and I in her own way. She sleeps with us for part of the night, until we become too annoying and she leaves for a more solitary location. Once in a blue moon, a rush of affection will come over her and she will sit NEXT to me on the couch and perhaps (if I’m lucky) stretch out a paw to place on my leg. She still manages a look of bored indifference, though, as if to say “OK, I like you. Let’s not make a big deal of this.”  The two cats follow me around the house, especially when we are by ourselves. They will wait outside the door of the bathroom for me and when I walk from room to room, I usually have two followers. Both cats can tell when I’m upset, too. One night I was completely devastated and BOTH cats snuggled up to me (one on each side) so tight that I couldn’t move. They both stayed all night. Right now, as I am writing this post, I am in bed. Case in point, Tasha is lying next to me (where the other pillow should be, aka “her spot”) looking regal and slightly disdainful while Tig is being a “bun warmer”.

My cats love me. This I know.

Cats rule, dogs drool.


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