Posted by: sharethewhine | September 30, 2009

Study Break

Well, I’ve studying hard this past week or so, in between helping my sister (a little) out with the last of the cabins. This weekend will be our last and then we can finally put up our “Go Away–We’re Closed” sign. The good news is I just mailed in my first physics assignment (YAY!!!) and so I now have a few minutes to write before I pick up my anatomy modules. I have actually been finding most of the MRI physics to be fairly interesting. It is an odd little world of spinning nuclei, but quantum mechanics has always been interesting to me, starting when the concept was introduced in high school chemistry. Little electrons hopping up and down becoming excited and relaxed and emitting energy…cool! I must admit, though, I may have skimmed chapter 7 for assignment answers (and I may have gotten bored halfway through chapter 2), so I do have some “review” to do before I move on. My first two anatomy midtems are in 2 weeks, so I must focus on that part, too. One would expect “human anatomy” to be an interesting topic, but anyone who gets excited over pleural recesses is delusional. I’ve taken many an anatomy course over the years, but I am trying not to get too confident, because this sectional anatomy course is much more in depth than my CT one. Good thing though, one of my midterms will focus on the heart! Hey, I may know something about that! I would wear my hospital Cardiac Sciences shirt into the exam, but that may jinx me (“Congratulations, you labelled everything backwards”). I’ve got to run, Tasha is outside eating the garden (the world is her salad bar) and I have the anatomy of the diaphragm to do…bleah.



  1. good luck with mri….i found the first physics EXTREMELY difficult-so much so that i had to hire a tutor to get thru it….
    the anatomy is gruesome too, but so glad i actually put in the hours and hours!-most helpful on the job later…
    do you have a practicum site yet? i hear that is the most difficult part of the programme. i was lucky, my employer let me do mine there, do you have the same arrangements?

    good luck with your midterms, i’m sure you will rock them!
    su 🙂

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