Posted by: sharethewhine | September 25, 2009

Towel Day

Toonie vs Spider

Toonie vs Spider

This is another entry I originally wrote mid-August:

Pet peeve – don’t watch me take your used towels and swap them out for clean towels and THEN tell me you need toilet paper, so that I have to make an extra trip!!

Towel day is a simple concept. The guests put out any used towels that they want swapped out for clean towels. We then give them the quantities that they have given us, counting them out in the laundry (ONE! ONE disgusting bath towel, ah, ah, ah…..TWO!…). We then attempt to clean the used towels as best we can and so the cycle goes. Getting towels and sheets actually clean is the biggest challenge (other than finding decent help…they recruited me, after all) of running the resort. Dish towels have gotten a beating this year. WTF?? Dish towels are to be used for drying CLEAN dishes, so they should come back damp but unstained. They are NOT to be used for wiping down the picnic tables, cleaning your BBQ (bleach doesn’t touch that stain!!) or washing your car (OK, that last one was a white hand towel, not a dish towel, but that is STILL WRONG!!)

It was a good day for local wildlife. In our one bathroom was a big-ass spider! As a child, I nicknamed these spiders “mouse spiders”, because in my mind, they are the size of a good-sized mouse.

I went for a midnight swim (OK, it was 10:30pm, but I’m factoring in that I am old) last night. The moon had gone to bed, so the only light was from the units and the stars. I stumbled my way down to the shore in the dark and told myself there was no need to be nervous, it is the same lake as it is in the daylight. That worked right up until I was right in the water and a very large fish splashed right behind me and boy, did I high-tail it back to shore in a hurry!! While I’d been treading water, I noticed that the sky kept lighting up, but there was no sound. The source of the flashes were behind the units and the trees, so I wrapped up in my towel and went to investigate. Sneaking around Dad’s house, I was trying to be silent. Between falling off unseen stairs, stubbing my toe and the motion detector light that scared the snot out of me, however, I did mutter a few bad words under my breath! I walked up the road (in the dark, in my damp towel) until I saw over the northern mountains that yes, it really was silent lightning. It was a bit surreal, standing in the pitch dark, with the crickets chirping and a myriad of stars overhead, to be looking at the hazy distance and seeing it light up without a sound. Very cool….probably not the best time to be in the water, though.


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