Posted by: sharethewhine | September 21, 2009

Holy Sh*t, Martha!!


I thought for a while that the in-season Cabin 6 disaster would take the prize, but once again, the off-seasoners have proven that NO ONE can make a mess like they can!! First place for “Most Disgusting Cabin of the Season” goes to Cabin 5, wedding weekend! Good job, boys!

OK, so my sister and I just got back from checking the units now that most of the wedding guests have departed. As expected, the bachelor suite (4 single guys and some poor girl), Cabin 5, looks like Aerosmith had been staying there. Wow. And to quote Will Smith from the movie “Independence Day”: “WHAT is that SMELL???” From the empty bottle of Patron tequila and the lemon wedges (and omelette chunkies) in the kitchen sink, I’m going to guess there was some shooter action at some point. These were the guys that were under the impression only one day had passed since their arrival, instead of two, so there was some definite intoxication. There were cigarette butts in the ash tray and the garbage and a lone sock that may have been white at one point. By the leg of the dining table, there was a small pile of clothing that may include someone’s underwear…I didn’t get close enough to determine that for sure. Poor Cabin 5–once again, it is the unit that gets trashed during a wedding.

As far as cleaning strategies go, I am thinking a couple of stiff drinks and then the application of Lysol and a match…in that order.



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