Posted by: sharethewhine | September 21, 2009

“Good” Morning?

Warning to my Family Members:  This entry contains nudity…well, no pictures, but nudity nonetheless.

Well, I have declared war on yet another shower, this time my own. My 80-plus-year-old Dad has a lady friend who comes to visit and stays the night (a disturbing thought for myself and my siblings, but we choose not to think about it). The shower head in the bathtub that was in the “ladies” bathroom (Dad has his own) was a sad little thing, so Dad’s girlfriend convinced him to replace it. The device that is in there now is quite something! It has a large rain shower head that sprinkles you from above, as well as a hand-held head. There is a knob that directs the water to the shower head of your choosing. All of this is great and a big improvement to what was there before.

SO, this morning I go in for a shower. Normally, I am able to turn on the water and there is a good ten seconds before the water gurgles up to the top rain shower head, which is plenty of time to duck out of the way while the water warms up. As a precaution, I also usually hold the hand-held head and direct it away from me, just in case….you see where this is going, don’t you?

OK, so I am half asleep in the shower and I turn on the water, knowing I have a good amount of time to get out from under the rain shower head. WELL doesn’t the damn hand shower blast freezing water onto the top of my head!! The shock of this cold blast makes me stand up–bad move, because now the frigid water is hitting me in, um, a more sensitive area. So now I am hopping around in the tub, trying to protect myself and dodge the onslaught of water, all while trying to get to the redirection knob by the taps. Aaaaaahhhhhhh!!! The shrieking, hopping and general commotion caused my poor cat Tigger to streak out of the bathroom (he was settling in to sleep on my clothes) and under the bed. What a way to wake up! I am just glad I was alone in the house at the time.

…..or was I? To top it off, after my shower I am drying off and I hear some paper rustling outside the door. My other cat, Tasha, loves to chew on papers. In fact, the more important the paper, the better. Income tax forms, for example, are the tastiest. I am now thinking I need to see what important document she has now. Keep in mind I am only wearing a towel…on my HEAD! I start to open the door, only to see my BROTHER going through some papers. Fortunately, I was able to duck back into the bathroom before either of us were significantly traumatized. I can only hope this is not an indication of how the rest of the day is going to go!!


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