Posted by: sharethewhine | September 20, 2009

Are They Gone Yet?

I think we survived. I even think the resort survived!

Weddings are fun when you are a guest. You show up, join in the party and go home. No planning, no cleanup, no fretting over details and disasters. My favourite role in a wedding is “Bridesmaid #3”. You are far enough down the totem pole that you have no real responsibility (unlike the martyred maid of honour) and yet as a member of the “bridal party”, you have an ‘in’ to the inner circle and the exclusive party! Outside of being a guest or a drunken attendant, weddings are slightly organized drunken mayhem. We had a wedding at the resort this weekend and we have been dreading it all summer. Over all, it didn’t go too badly, but it definitely felt like being in the centre of chaos. The arrangements did not include the main area of the resort, where my sister and I reside. Many wedding guests did not receive this “memo” and at one point we were inundated with people milling about the house. One guest actually approached me and asked if this was someone’s private home, to which I replied “yes”. This didn’t even faze him, he just said “this is a very nice place”. Thanks, buddy…..GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT!! Late in the evening, we also had another couple wander in via the kitchen door, which scared the snot out of me. Oh, good evening, WTF?!? I returned to my sister’s bedroom (where we were hiding out) and remarked that we had people coming in from all sides. I now feel like I had a small taste of what it must have been like to be under siege. Although, medieval castles probably didn’t have Gewurztraminer, artichoke dip and cable TV.

Being invaded by guests reminded me of a similar incident that happened to us about a month ago. I have included the email I wrote at the time:

Well, it has finally happened…I actually have a mosquito bite on top of a bruise. It just proves that if you collect enough of both of them, they are bound to overlap. I am starting to no longer look like the poster child for West Nile virus, but the cold and rain have also kept me indoors for the past week, too, so the mozzies can’t find me. I had my first run-in with my arch-nemesis, the earwig, today and I am very proud of myself that I did not scream or cry. OK, there was some running, but I didn’t scream.

Dinner was very interesting the other night. my sister and I were doing an appy night for the group of us with leftovers and various hors d’oeuvres. One of our guests (name withheld) had asked my sister if a couple of people could come into the main area of the resort to watch a movie. My sister was thinking a couple of adults later in the evening, so she said fine. (Keep in mind, most of us are actually living in this main area of the resort at the moment), We were all mid-meal when the door opens and people start coming in. A couple of men walk in and comment on what a great place this is to eat dinner and watch a movie. Suddenly, there are children everywhere and they are going in to all of the rooms (even down to our bedrooms!) and picking up all of Dad’s antiques. One young boy walks in and puts two bowls of cut vegetables directly in front of my cousin!!! I’m sorry, are we in your way? Would you like us to MOVE our dinner elsewhere so that you may use our table?!!? At this point, my brother-in-law got involved (cue ominous music). The misunderstanding was cleared up forthwith and the guests moved their dinner plans (and their children!!) back to the units and we continued our own dinner in relative “privacy”. Gah!

Today was another cleaning day (yay bathrooms!), but it was a little lighter than it has been, with only 5 units to do today (my sister and I did 2 in the past couple of days). Early in the day, I was stripping beds when I came out of one of the center units to see our duck family on the pathway. The duck babies are almost full grown, but are still following mama. They came right up to the units with no fear, thanks to Dad feeding them daily. They appeared to be snacking on the grapes that had fallen onto the ground during the wind storms. With Dad raking the beach and the ducks following, it looked like we had a duck cleaning crew!! Too cool! Dad also looked like Papa duck leading the way with the ducks all following him.

The guests left at a decent hour today, so we were able to get in to clean nice and early. Other weeks haven’t been as good and I’ve threatened to walk in to the cabin, open the door to the bathroom and say “Get off the damn toilet, I need to clean it!”!!

OK, one last anecdote that I feel I must share, just because it will probably make the rounds. At lunchtime today, we took a break for hot dogs. My brother-in-law had already cooked a few, but I needed to cook my own. I was struggling to get the damn plastic wrap off of the hot dog when it broke in half. Just then, my brother-in-law comes out and asks “What are you doing?”. Off the cuff, I reply “Discovering why I’m single.”. So, you heard it here first and yes, I will probably be living that one down for a while.


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