Posted by: sharethewhine | September 19, 2009

Pass the Whine

I still have summer emails to post, so this is my next installation. This one was written at the beginning of August. Enjoy!

Well, I am a bit behind on my updates- the past two weeks have been busy…and hot! We officially hit 40 degrees yesterday (why always when we are working our asses off???) Another week has past, which means yet another new crop of guests. We did have the rare experience of having a few families actually stay on with us for a second week, which was great. Next week is our BIG changeover of the season and so we are calling for all hands on deck. We shall see how it goes…

Sadly, we have gone from cougar-bait to jail-bait for the last couple of weeks. Too bad! As for the rest of the scenery, the smoke from the Kelowna fires is finally starting to find us. The breeze that has kept the smoke north is gone, so now the mountains have a haze over them. My plan today is still to get out on the lake and get some sun, though, because it is August and I am still as pale as when I arrived. Less work in 40 degree heat and more tanning, dammit!!

I’ve been tied to the resort for most of July, especially with my sister spending as much time as possible in Alberta with her new grandson (for those of you keeping track, yes, that makes me a great-auntie. In other words, OLD!). I hadn’t realized how much of a homebody I’d been until a week and a half ago when I “escaped” for an eye doctor appointment.  You know you haven’t gone far when you go through a massive spiderweb when getting into your car. I also discovered that when the spider that made the web lands on my shoulder while I am driving, my car will swerve all over the road.

With my sister in the Okanagan last week, I was able to go down to Vancouver for a couple of days. The drive itself was very hot, as my AC has given up and now my fan doesn’t work either. I am down to 480 air conditioning (all 4 windows down and drive 80 miles an hour!…Yes, I said MILES an hour, go ahead and convert for my actual speed) which works well on the highway, but not so much when stuck in traffic. Vancouver broke heat records while I was there, so I was sweating A LOT!! I had a great time while I was there– hanging out with Steve (my niece’s dog, sadly, not a hot pool boy) or shopping during the day. I managed to find some summer clothes that fit my new, more generous, figure (my fat ass). I also saw the new Harry Potter movie! Finally! My niece and I had a blast being girls-about-town in the evening and went to two fantastic restaurants and drank wine and talked girl talk. I even attempted to flirt with a waiter…no luck there, but at least I tried.

Another pet peeve: guests that leave shower lever on to “shower” so that when I turn on the tap in the tub while cleaning I hear a distant rush of water and have just enough time to say “uh-oh” before my head gets wet. Gah!

One final note: I am looking for any suggestions on how to stop mosquito bites from itching?? Extra-strength Lanacane isn’t doing it any more and I am considering amputation!!! Aaaahhhh!


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