Posted by: sharethewhine | September 15, 2009

4AM Ponderings

After years of being in relationships, I have become quite brainwashed into religiously sticking to “my side” of the bed. I hadn’t realized how ingrained this training was, however, until tonight. In the middle of the night, I was lying on my side with a cat snuggled up next to me, as per usual, when I decided I needed to sleep on my other side. In order not to squash the cat, I half-rose in order to turn over in the same spot. Midway through turning, I assessed the amount of space between cat and mattress edge that I had been occupying and realized there was insufficient room to lie comfortably on my other side. This left me with two options: 1) squash the cat, or 2) go over the cat and lie on the “other side” of the unoccupied bed. The tredipation I felt crossing over that invisible midline of the bed made me wonder if most people, specifically the ones recently out of relationships (or temporarily sans spouse), felt this way about the “wrong side” of the bed?

On that note, if I sleep there for the remainder of the night and arise from this “wrong side” of the bed, will I therefore be obligated to be grumpy tomorrow?



  1. as long as you don’t disturb the cat — that’s the important thing

  2. I think you are finally learning to be a single person…. It is your bed…. sleep in the middle and relax….being single isn’t as bad as you think!!!!!

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