Posted by: sharethewhine | September 14, 2009

Summer Memories

September is upon us, but summer still seems to be holding on to its last gasp before fading in to autumn. In a fruitless attempt to hold on to summer’s glory, I am going to post an entry that I originally wrote in mid-July:

Well, after a few lackluster days, the temperature is back up to where it “should” be at 36 degrees. This makes for a perfect Okanagan day, but also makes me very sweaty while vacuuming! Heaven is floating on an air mattress on the lake while listening to the drone of boats on the water and I was able to do that for the first time this afternoon! The lake temperature is like bath water for the first few inches and gets colder further down. The guests are trying to teach their kids how to water-ski, which has been entertaining: “Up, he’s up! YAY–ooohhh, nope, he’s down”.
Speaking of entertaining, Tasha had a run-in with a papa California quail. My cat is lying in the shade, enjoying being outside for a change of pace when Papa Quail comes along and tries to defend is territory. Papa Quail was an impressive sight, pacing back and forth with his breast puffed up, squawking at my large, reclining Ragdoll. Tasha wasn’t fazed at all, she simply watched this strange creature with lazy fascination. I give Papa Quail credit for perseverance, because he did not give up, even when Tasha moved away to a quieter spot. Cheeky the Squirrel has also taken exception to Tasha’s presence and was hanging out of the grape arbour the other day, chattering at Tasha through the screen door. The local fauna seems to be unable to differentiate between a pampered city cat and a feline predator.
I have been slowly cleaning the units this week, to get a jump start on the Saturday changeover. My sister comes back from Alberta tomorrow and we will do the remaining 16 beds together. The up side of being half empty this week (other than the peace and quiet) is being able to take my time with the empty units and we will only have 3 to do on Saturday. We usually have a couple of casual staff come to work for us on Saturdays. They are a huge help to us and we could not survive most changeovers without their assistance. At the resort, we usually try to book people so that we do not have all 10 units to clean every week, which works well most of the time. However, in just over a week we will have our first big 10-cabin change (for those keeping score that is 31 beds, 10 bathrooms, etc) and my sister is going to try to call in some more people to help. Personally, I’ve been nominated (no, I did NOT volunteer!!) for bathrooms and I haven’t been on my knees in front of a toilet this often since my university days! Also, I’ve declared war on the shower in cabin 3 as it saw fit to drench both me and the floor while I was trying to clean it on Wednesday. Bring it on! Evil showers must die!!

PS – The “EW, gross! What the @#%!! is THAT?!!?” tally is now up around 50…it was a slow week.


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