Posted by: sharethewhine | September 10, 2009

Whine and Cheese

So why a blog?

First, an introduction. I am a divorced 30-something (more something than 30 these days, sadly) who has given up my current career in health care in Calgary to move back home to British Columbia. Throughout the summer I have been helping my sister run the family business, which happens to be a small beachfront resort in Okanagan wine country. So, I have (temporarily) moved back with my two cats into my Dad’s house (the spare room, to be exact) in the same small town where I grew up many moons ago.

One of my talents is to laugh at everyday life and that ability has helped keep me sane this summer, if only just. My emails to my friends and family have been popular, so I’ve been encouraged to start a blog in order to entertain possibly tens of people.

What better place than to start at the beginning of the summer? This entry is from the beginning of July:

“Getting There is Half of the What???”

Well, the laundry is up to date and we are having what my Mum used to call a “ding-dong” thunderstorm, so I am taking the time to finally write. With lots of help from my family, the truck ‘o’ my stuff made it over the Rockies to a storage locker, with only a couple of breakages. The two cats and I loaded up into the car on Tuesday and headed west to BC. We started off with the cats drug free and it seemed to go well right up until Banff, at which point Tasha (my fluffy female Ragdoll) started making a fuss. I ignored it for a while, but then a waft of an unpleasant smell drifted by. Apparently, “meow” scratch-scratch (“Let me out of my kennel”) sounds very much like “meow” scratch-scratch (“I have diarrhea and just took a large crap”). Of course, we were in the middle of a construction zone by the Lake Louise turnoff, and so we couldn’t stop for a while. I did find a pullout at the AB/BC border and was able to do some clean up, finishing the job at a gas station in Golden. Fortunately, unlike the infamous urine incident of 2004 (don’t ask, I’ve managed to block it from my memory), Tigger (my orange tabby Momma’s boy) escaped unscathed this time. By sheer luck, I was able to get Gravol down Tasha’s throat in Golden and we all had a much quieter (and diarrhea-free) journey.

So, the three of us are settling in to Dad’s spare room, which is probably where we will stay for the duration of the summer. Princess Tasha has deemed the accommodation worthy and my ‘fraidy-cat Tigger didn’t even hide under the bed. After family and friends visiting last week and over the weekend, I am now flying solo with running the resort while my sister is visiting her new grandson.

A few things I’ve learned so far:
1. Even though they say you shouldn’t have more than one can of energy drink per day, three will not kill you.
2. Guests who say they won’t be “any trouble” are going to be a huge pain in the a$$
3. If surprised by large bugs while cleaning a unit, I will scream like a girl.
4. I still don’t appreciate spiders in my bed, even after all of these years.

I may keep a tally of the number of times I say (while cleaning units) “EW, gross! What the @#$& is THAT?!!?” just for fun. I think I am up to 37 so far. Not bad for the first week! All in all, things are well here and I will write again soon.


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